Longo Valter

Professor of Gerontology and Biological Science Director of the Longevity Institution

Professor Valter Longo is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of ageing studies and related diseases. His discoveries include the identification of some of the major genetic pathways that regulate aging and life-threatening diseases and of a genetic mutation that protects men from cancer, diabetes and cognitive decline. In the past 10 years, his laboratories have discovered  nutritional restrictions and Fasting Mimicking Diets able to reduce disease risk with the potential to extend longevity in humans.

He is a Professor of Gerontology and Biological Science and Director of the Longevity Institution at the School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, one of the leading centers devoted to teaching and research on ageing. He is also director of the Longevity and Cancer Program at the Institute of Molecular Oncology, IFOM in Milan.
Among the awards received by Professor Longo are the Nathan Shock Lecture Award from the National Institute on Ageing (NIA/NIH) in 2010, the Vincent Cristofalo ‘Rising Star’ Award for Research on Ageing in 2013, and the 2016 Glenn Award for research in the Biology of Aging.
In 2015, after a number of his papers were among the most widely cited and influential in the biomedical field, Time magazine called him a ‘guru of longevity’ and in 2018 selected him as one of the 50 most influential people in healthcare. His research has been featured by the New York Times, Time Magazine, Forbes, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, etc. In the last 5 years his work has been featured in cover stories for Time magazine National Geographic, Times of London, Obs (France), Der Spiegel (Germany) and Repubblica Magazine (Italy), etc. His book “The Longevity Diet” is an international bestseller translated in more than 15 languages and among the most read books in the aging and nutrition fields.

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