Why create Sirha World Cuisine Summit


Sirha World Cuisine Summit 2019 in 8 points

The first world event that brings together international players in the Food Service industry to promote solutions for a better future.
In a continuously changing world out-of-home catering is now at a major turning point and stands to become the future of catering.
(1) Review the trends and stakes in the Food Service industry; (2) Contribute to the development of the sector ; (3) Promote responsible and sustainable growth for professionals. 
Contributions by internationally renowned experts: top Chefs, representatives from international organisations, political figures, opinion and action leaders from sectors complementary to Food Service.
A panel of 150 Chefs, 150 opinion and action leaders as well as some guests.
Through a series of roundtables and contributions as part of an afternoon with lively discussions. Also featuring sensory and tasting experiences.
Tuesday 29th, January 2019, 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm
In a dedicated space set up in the heart of Sirha 2019, Eurexpo venue – Lyon (France)


For the 2019 edition, the World Cuisine Summit takes note of the growing importance of Food Service in feeding the world population 

A firm belief: the Food Service industry is reinventing itself and is shaping the future of food.
Continued growth of the share of Food Service in terms of percentage of money spend on food.
The digital revolution broadens the possibilities for Food Service by reinventing the logistics and consumption of food.
Food Service initiates trends: people eat at home what they have discovered at the restaurant. 
Food Service is at the vanguard of best practices.


Sirha World Cuisine Summit 2019 will base its works on a new prospective approach (2019-2024)

Today, digital technologies are changing our relationship to time, for example with respect to anticipation and instant gratification. The concept of trend no longer stands in time as the pace of mutation is too fast. A handful of recognised opinion leaders ‘trendsetters’ are replaced with hundreds of ‘influencers’ boasting instant exposure and visibility, offering a multitude of propositions. 

The major influences that determine consumers’ behaviours are typically categorised into main families of motivations that more or less mirror the work of psychologist Abraham Maslow (1943).Social media place individuals at the centre of all preoccupations which has resulted in upending Maslow’s pyramid of motivations. 

New tools to understand the near future are being developed however thanks to the huge mass of data available on the internet, with portals collecting information pertaining to our usages and personal preferences. As an actual modelling of weak signals, emergences are replacing the trends. Emergences unveil new motivations that are the result of constructive tensions between two motivations or needs that seemed initially contradictory. 

Concepts of virtual restaurants, imagined for the 2019-2024 period illustrate each of these emergences:
Three ‘emergences’ can be proposed as examples:

Emergence 1 - Ecoaction: consumers are driven by a spirit of resistance seeking to preserve our fragile planet but are becoming progressively aware that only technology may be able to restore the damaged environment.
Emergence 2 - Bodybalance: people want to balance their health through food but without compromising on the pleasure of food or putting themselves through a restrictive diet.
Emergence 3 - Vernacular 2.0: the memory of pleasure associated with food is created during our infancy and is essential to the development of taste, associating ancestral recipes with industrial products. Cultures have become fickle and traditions are chosen. 

Concept 1 : ClimatiKØ
Un Interstitial gastronomy. . 
concept gastro - twitter.jpg

Concept 2 : UnicornTeen
Health and fun school canteen.
cantine - twitter.jpg

Concept 3 : Oum 
Artisan bakery and industrial tradition.
boulangerie - twitter.jpg


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