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30 October 2018


Eat better to feel better: this is one of the seven influences identified by SIRHA and Food Service Vision. 

Regardless of where they eat, healthy food has become a priority for 87 % of French consumers in 2017 according to LSA Conso. The boom of ‘free from’ diets (gluten, lactose, sugar) is a good indicator in the respect. According to Futura Santé, the sale of gluten-free products increases by 30% to 50% per year and the number of brands has increased fivefold since 2012. 
At the restaurant clients demand transparency for the foods they’re about to eat. In order to satisfy this requirement professionals in the sector must rethink their sourcing and agrofood industrials must turn to more virtuous production methods. ‘Label Ferme’ (Paris) for example, proposes only products that are purchased from small producers. In his restaurant Kitchen Ter(re) that serves pasta and bouillons, Parisian  Chef William Ledeuil together with his producer Roland Feuillas has adopted an advanced selection method for the wheat used in the dishes. Eating healthy has become a lifestyle and a state of mind.

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