23 January 2019

We Break Bread ??

With winter and after happy festive season, cheese has been at the heart of different meal. Today the debat continue to know if we eat or not the crust of cheese.

To beginning, the cheese’s crust is film of bacteria who will made during ripening. Hence, texture and taste of the crust change.

This bacteria are healthy ?

Often enough, naturally made by the decomposition of milk, this bacteria are a tasty tresor and healthy.
Sometime of their crust are flavoured with aromatic herbs and spices or ashed for purposes of specifically taste. That it allow to give a new taste and texture to bring it back the cheese reputation.

We would say all of cheese’s crust can be eaten, but the answer is more nuanced.

All crust of mould flora and a washed rind cheese can eat, and thick crust cheese like Parmesan and Comté can eat but it is recommended to wash them before because they moved to rolling on the ground.

However,  wax and plastics crust they cannot eat.

To conclude, crust of cheese eat depending on the cheese especially if we love that. If not we can taking off the crust but be careful of cheeses fans they can mock to you. 

You can check if chees eating with crust or not, for that come to Cuisines en Scène Sunday 28 January and see the “French Cup of Cheese Maker” and “1 Cheese Morger/1 Cook Contest”.

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