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16 November 2018

Tomorrow's canteens: Locavores and responsible

On October 2nd this year the French Parliament adopted the so-called Egalim law for balanced commercial relationships in the agriculture and food industry that also aims to ensure healthy and sustainable food that is accessible to all. The vote obtained 227 in favour, 136 against and 11 abstentions. This law also aims to achieve ‘50% of local products or products bearing quality label, including 20% organic, served in canteens by 2022’ (article 24).

Choosing quality products and reducing wastage is at the core of today’s consumers. On April 11th, the Restau’co trade show launched a ‘Manifesto of committed cooks’. The goal? That mass catering commits to ensure sustainable catering solutions. 

In September, during  the French National Convention of Chambers of Agriculture, on the eve of the vote for Egalim law, First Minister Édouard Philippe announced a concertation with players in the mass catering industry, a market that represents 3.7 billion meals per year and 246 million Euros.

The orientations of Egalim law (local production and introduction of bio) have already been implemented in some regions of France and contribute to raise pupils’ awareness with regards to ‘better eating’.

Bio, local circuits and better eating are some of the consumer trends of today and for tomorrow that will be addressed at Sirha 2019.

The Gargantua contest organised by Restau’Co and the platform ‘Mon Restau Responsible’ will shine the spotlight on the profession of mass catering cook. The contest integrates in part the Egalim law and the Manifesto to develop new and more responsible criteria.


Don’t miss the final of the Gargantua contest at ‘Cuisines en Scène’ By Sirha, Tuesday 29th January from 1.15 pm, an event that promotes a responsible approach to catering and excellence in practices in mass catering under direct management.

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