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19 November 2018

Supermarkets go green

Today, French consumers want to be responsible, ethical and ecological with regards to what they eat… These values have echoed with supermarkets that are ready to commit to this change in food habits.

Food represents between 20 and 50% of French consumers’ environmental footprint according to the Agency for the Environment and Control of Energy (ADEME). Faced with the boom of Amaps - Community-supported agriculture outlets – bio shops and other local circuits, supermarkets are also taking measure to go green. 
They have implemented many environmentally friendly initiatives. U supermarkets for example have removed ‘controversial substances’ from 6,000 of their products, Monoprix have launched their “Tous Cultiv’acteurs” programme to promote sustainable and durable agriculture and preserve the bees, Franprix propose Franprix Noé and Franprix Darwin stores that are bio, anti-waste and anti-packaging. In September 2018, Auchan, “committed to good, healthy and local food” launched “125 jours Auchan” to communicate on all their positive environmental initiatives. Carrefour launched their campaign “Act for Food” – a global programme of actions that are adapted to each country. In France, nine commitments have been taken, these include guaranteeing 100% French bio, doubling their vegetarian offering, supporting 500 farmers with their transition to organic… The objective? “Become the leader in food transition” (Alexandre Bompard, CEO - Carrefour). 

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