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19 December 2018

Sirha Innovation Awards 2019 Edition

The Sirha Innovation Awards for 2019 were awarded on Tuesday 11th, December. The members of the jury convened at the Ferrandi School of Catering to determine the winners of 12 distinctions in two categories, ‘Products – Beverages – Ingredients’ and ‘Equipment – Facilities – Concepts’ with a special mention for equipment offering a clear advantage in terms of sustainable development. 

The winners in the category Products – Beverages – Ingredients placed the emphasis on vegetal and natural ingredients for better health or enjoyment, by creating new emotions or a new taste experience (DAREGAL, SENS GOURMET, PCB). They propose an alternative to proteins (OLMIX, AGRO SOURCING), nourishing ingredients (BONDUELLE, ICI&LA) and products enriched with fibres beneficial to the intestinal microbiota (BRIDOR).
The winners in the category - Equipment – Facilities – Concepts focused on ease of use, flexibility of installation and usage, to create new opportunity or reduce limitations, whilst optimising energy efficiency. (CAPIC, ENODIS, FRIGINOX, SOFINOR). 

The Awards Ceremony will take place Sunday 27th January 2019 at 2 pm on the Sirha TV set - Food Studio (Place des Lumières). The winners’ products and equipment will be displayed during the 5 days of the event in the dedicated “Sirha Innovation Awards 2019” section situated in the heart of the Sirha venue.

Category: Products – Beverages – Ingredients 


  • Agro Sourcing bio green banana flour, an alternative of gluten-free flours. Thanks to its neutral taste the flour is suited to both sweet and sour preparations. 
  • Ici & Là:  Bio super soup HARi & Co, made with legumes. Boasting high vegetal protein content this soup matches the calorie intake of an actual meal.
  • PCB Création, specialist in food decoration: Pure Émotion, preparations using cacao butter and freeze dried fruit powder. 
  • Bridor Multi-fibre biota, a baguette composed of seven vegetal fibres selected for their benefits to the intestinal flora
  • Daregal :  Cub’Eaze Bio, dices of natural aromatic herbs that can be directly mixed with soups, smoothies, fruit juices… 
  • Bonduelle Red lentils and carrot nuggets, a vegetal combination with high fibre and protein content  
  • Olmix Emulsea, a neutral clean-label powder made from algae that confers texture to emulsions and mousses, with no allergen or food additives. 
  • Sens Gourmet Crunch vinegar flakes, a new texture for seasoning 

Category: Equipment – Facilities – Concepts 

  • Sofinor Ajus’table, a voice command adjustable table. Everyone can work at the right height, regardless of your size or mobility disability.  
  • Friginox Mobile multifunction refrigeration unit, the only unit on the market that can maintain cold and hot 
  • Enodis Catering Circle, a nomadic kitchen composed of mobile and flexible modules, ideal of pop-up events or concepts. 
  • Capic Plasma PMD Plancha, a technological revolution that replaces electrical resistances and induction heating elements

Special GREEN mention 

Indutex Apifilm, organic and sustainable food wrap made of natural cotton soaked with French bee wax. Designed together with  L'atelier Miel de Delphine, reusable for at least one year.

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