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The Maison Masse has been a family company for 4 generations, and today is still a business on a human scale, distributing its own brand foie gras trough 4 regional offices. Our brand is totally dedicated to Chefs, and recognized by the profession.


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  • Foie gras
  • PGI (Protected geographical indication)
  • Regional products
  • Sausage meat, pork, salted and cured meat
  • Truffles

Exhibition tour

  • Fine food and wine shops
  • Semi-processed food products - Unprocessed food products
  • Snacking

Our innovations

Foie Gras Golden Eight

  • Kind of launch: World premiere
  • Category: Food products – Beverages
  • Target market: Food trades
  • Visitor itineraries: Fine food and wine shops
  • Launch date: 01/01/2019

Co-branding between 2 brands : Masse foie gras and alcool Golden Eight from Massenez company.

3 products for 3 différents uses : mini-bar of duck liver, jar and terrine. Different incorporation of the Golden Eight jelly in the product for 3 différents uses. - Mini-bar 160g bloc of foie gras (25% of jelly). Mini portions very easy to cut, ideal for cocktails and tapas. - Jars of foie gras 180g. To be serve at the table, to be served with a spoon. Jelly (30%) at the bottom - Terrine 500g and 1kg, to be sliced, served in a plate with jelly (30%)around.

Ravioles with truflle favors

  • Kind of launch: European premiere
  • Category: Food products – Beverages
  • Target market: Supermarkets, hypermarkets, small outlets
  • Visitor itineraries: Time saving - productivity
  • Launch date: 11/11/2018

Taste the combined flavors of Drôme and Dauphiné in these original ravioles created by the chef specialist of truffles Clément BRUNO "restaurant chez Bruno" in Lorgues 1*.

Kibbles of summer white truffles (tuber aestivum), tuber brumale, juice of tuber brumale, truffle aroma, fresh cow chees are the ingredients of these delicious ravioles. The pasta is made of soft wheat flour, water, fresh eggs, and vegetal oil. The ravioles are square, detached and frozen for an easy use. Cook it directly frozen in boiling water or bouillon, or fried. Perfect for salads, banquets...


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