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Equipement for kitchens and their annexes - Small equipment items

  • Chilling cabinets
  • Freezing cabinets
  • Ice boxes
  • Insulated storage cabinets
  • Refrigeration

Our innovations

Multifunctional mobile cabinet AMCF-15 GN1/1

  • Kind of launch: National premiere
  • Category: Equipment for kitchens and annexes – Small equipment items
  • Target market: Snacking, take away
  • Visitor itineraries: Mass catering
  • Launch date: 03/09/2018

Mobile cabinet that can work in cold or hot mode. A single device instead of two, to easily adapt to the need for a cold or hot cabinet from one day to another

Multifunctional mobile cabinet hot / cold / isothermal transport, for GN1 / 1 pans and grids. The only mobile cabinet on the market that can operate in cold (+ 1 ° C) or hot (+ 80 ° C) mode, with a patent pending. A single multifunction device instead of two (hot and cold). This innovation provides the user with a great deal of flexibility to adapt to the varying need from one day to another for the number of hot or cold cabinets needed. When designing a kitchen the risk of discrepancy between the prediction and the real need for the number of cold-hot cabinets is reduced. Great flexibility for simultaneous loading of stainless steel pans of different heights thanks to a spacing 55 mm between levels. Capacity of 5 trays ht150 mm to 15 pans ht55 mm. Isothermal greater than 7 hours after the appliance is disconnected. 304L stainless steel construction inside and outside for long shelf life. Washable with low pressure water jet. Pressing a single button ensures direct operation. Totally folding door, with open fastening device. Stamped walls for easy cleaning. No water on the floor thanks to a drainer under the door and an anti-overflow water pan. Keeps in place accessories designed to withstand the vibrations of rolling on uneven ground. Perfect thermal insulation with injected polyurethane foam, without HFC, to reduce the operation of the thermal system.

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