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Our products

Organic dried fruit and nuts from Fair Trade

From simple dried fruit and nuts, packed straight after drying, to more elaborate products, such as fruit pastes, powders, flours or even innovative shapes, textures and combinations, nature is always respected. Fruit, nothing but fruit. 100% organic.

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Our innovations

Organic green banana flour

  • Kind of launch: National premiere
  • Category: Bakery – Pastry – Confectionery (Products and ingredients)
  • Target market: Bakery – industry
  • Visitor itineraries: organic
  • Launch date: 29/05/2018

This flour is made from peeled and dried green bananas, finely ground. With its subtle but quite neutral taste, it’s a great gluten free alternative to wheat flour.

It can be used pure, without any other type of flour. It is very easy to incorporate into sweet or salty cooking and it will turn into a soft texture during the cooking process. Used raw, just a spoon of it will act as a binder in all kinds of preparations such as smoothies, sauces, …

Soft cubes of dried banana

  • Kind of launch: National premiere
  • Category: Food products – Beverages
  • Target market: Traditional restaurants
  • Visitor itineraries: organic
  • Launch date: 29/03/2018

Brand new in the world of dried banana: soft cubes!

Organic Farming Origin: Ecuador. Produced in an arid region, little sensitive to parasites, very far from the large, intensive plantations of the country Natural process: dried bananas are simply crushed and then pressed to obtain a long ribbon that is cut into cubes. Advantage: this simple operation deeply changes both the texture and flavor of the banana - much more pronounced mellowness - softer flavors, reducing the aromatic power of traditional dried bananas. Texture: the cube does not stick to the fingers Taste: mellow sensation, smooth, very addictive Uses: - Gourmet: out of home snacking, hiking / trekking, school, office… - Professional use: inclusion, cold in cereals mixes, hot in pastries or in vegetable-based recipes, desserts, drinks, etc. Packing sizes: retail packs of 150g or 250g, bulk 5 kg Soft banana cubes Soft banana cubes with cocoa bean nibs Soft banana cubes with Inca berries

Barberries, the forgotten superfruit!

  • Kind of launch: National premiere
  • Category: Food products – Beverages
  • Target market: Bakery – artisan
  • Visitor itineraries: organic
  • Launch date: 03/11/2017

3 times more antioxidant power than Goji berries!

Organic Farming Origin: Iran. Barberries are grown and dried in the mountains of Iran, away from any kind of pollution. Traditional process: manual harvest and drying out of direct sunlight, in order to preserve all properties of the berry. Nutritional advantage: very rich in iron, potassium and manganese, used in Chinese medicine for nearly 3000 years. Appearance: equivalent to 2 big rice grains, ruby-red Taste: tangy sensation, smooth, full of vivacity Uses: in cooking in rice, sauces, salads, omelettes. In pastry in cakes, biscuits, chocolate... As topping for yogurts, desserts, ice creams, mousses... As ingredient in cereal and fruit mixes... Advantage: a new alternative to pomegranate and all red berries Packing sizes: retail packs of 75g and cartons of 5 kg


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