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The “healthy food” and “clean eating” trends, the aim of which is the adoption of better eating habits for both our bodies and the planet, are gaining widespread attention. The “Manger Healthy” & “Natural Cooking” projects, launched for Sirha as partners of the Food Studio, take full advantage from the consumer interest in conscious eating, local foods, well-being and the digital revolution.

“Manger Healthy” is a collaborative online platform for those who desire healthy, palate-pleasing, practical and environmentally-friendly foods. The free basic service offered would be completed by 
“Natural Cooking” by Alexandra Beauvais is a startup company proposing recipes for meals tasting as good as they are easy to prepare, good for one’s health and according to individual preferences, intolerances or allergies.
Live cooking workshops are offered in association with various partners.

Chefs and visitors are also encouraged to leave their feedback regarding “free-from” foods.
100 % natural / Organic / Gluten-free / Low GI / Veggie / Made in France / 1 % for the Planet


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