Press Review
27 August 2018

Press Review #1

In the magazine Le Figaro, an article by Pauline Château on the latest survey by NPD Group reports on the improvement in the out of home catering sector in France in 2017. The industry has seen its best performance since 2011. In 2017, the market represented 55.6 billion euros in sales compared with 54.6 billion the previous year.

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According to an article by Lea Delpont published on the company ‘fraîche découpe’ is thriving. This dynamic start-up draws regional SMEs and industrials in its wake. Indeed, the market for vegetables that are fresh, washed and already cut or sliced represented 37 million euros in 2017 and has seen an increase of 42 %. The products are distributed in supermarkets packaged in cartons with an eat-by date of 3 days, prepared on location or delivered by specialised companies.

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An article on reviews the market for snacking that is constantly growing both in terms of volume and turnover – TO of 51 billion euros +5.9% – according to Gira Conseil consultancy firm. Over the counter sales tend to increasingly dominate the market for out of home food purchases, driven by the success of burgers and bagels. 2018 will also see a rapid development of Fast casual and coffee shop brands in France.

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