Golden Fish Contest

  • 30 January : 09h00 > 11h30
Cuisines en ScèneHall 2.2
Remise des prix : 30 January - 11h30
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Results 2019


Pierre Bessonnet

Romain Paro

Brian Isihlis


Organised by Lyon Poissonnier-Ecailler, the Golden Fish contest shine the light on the professionals working in the seafood sector who will present their very best seafood platters and creations composed of fresh fish.

The Golden Fish contest aims to highlight the Fishmonger-Caterer trade and covers all the different facets of the profession.

8 finalists will compete during 3 hours to demonstrate their know-how in front of a jury presided over by Etienne Chavrier, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2007, and composed of professionals from the seafood industry.

The participants and apprentices will illustrate the core values and fundamentals of this profession that is largely unknown to the general public.

Carving/cutting demonstrations, preparations and arrangements will aim to highlight the best seafood products

The objective of the contest is to present in detail the Fishmonger-Caterer profession. The judges will be looking to find absolute precision and perfect harmony in the presentations.



  • Julie Cauet
  • Alexandre Goubert
  • Florian Metifiot
  • Victore Kieville
  • Brian Isihlis
  • Pierre Bessonnet
  • Lionel Raguernet
  • Arnaud Pupier


  • Alain Merle
  • Gaston Moreau
  • Etienne charrier / MOF
  • Arnaud VANHAMME / MOF
  • David GOMES / MOF
  • Olivier Chaput / CHEF
  • Deux Chefs Etrangers
  • Eric Ticana
  • Emmanuel Chevalier / Designer
  • Cyril Zeigler / Photographe culinaire
  • Fabrice Gass / Iodée Magasine
  • Frode Selvaag
  • Eric Brujan

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