World Burger Contest

  • 30 January : 12h00 > 17h30
Cuisines en Scène
Remise des prix : 30 January - 17h00
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Results 2019


Pineros Felipe
 Barge Quentin
 Mounier Pierre

Di Caro Giovanni
 Idelon Nicolas
Casteion Valentin

Mchallet Elise
Meunier Henri
Gougny Laurent


The World Burger Contest focuses on the full process from upstream through to downstream.

The team represent all aspects of the food sector:

             A farmer or representative of the upstream process: breeder, market gardener, tree growers and fruits and vegetables wholesalers

             An artisan/shop owner: cheesemonger, butcher,…

             A professional cook

The teams will be required to create three types of burger to compose a menu: starter, main course, dessert.

The Burgers Menu must be composed of a minimum of 80% of products listed under the label “La Région du Goût” initiated by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

The teams will therefore have to provide a products data sheet specifying the origin of the products used and their traceability.

Taking into account the consumers expectations, the contest will also aim to inform professional visitors with respect to issues associated with the environment, health & nutrition, affordable pricing,  and the participants will be required to present their arguments on these topics.

Don’t miss this event, Wednesday 30 January, staged from 12 noon at the Cuisine en Scène By Sirha® space.



Jury President : JAN Hubert

  • MOF Butcher : CHAPUIS Guy
  • MOF Pastry chef: PARC Philippe
  • MOF Butcher :Bernard François Marie


  • ROUE Sophie     
  • THOLONIAT Jean-Pierre
  • TOUSSAINT Benoit
  • REGION -AMRANE Olivier

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