Maître D’Hôtel Trophy

  • 26 January : 14h00 > 18h30
Cuisines en ScèneHall 2.2
Remise des prix : 26 January - 18h00
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Results 2019


Benoît Brochard

Nicolas Giraud

Mathieu Nectoux


Organized by the Association Service à la française, the competition of the Maître d'Hôtel Trophy projects the art of service on the stage. After a rigorous selection, the 6 finalists will put their know-how and knowledge in competition in front of a prestigious jury composed of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF) and famous names of the profession with the objective of winning the Trophy Maître d'hôtel 2019.
During 5 events, 6 Maîtres d'hôtel and their waiters will compete to win the Maître d'Hôtel 2019 Trophy.

•    The Table between Design and Influence, the candidates will have to present a table on an imposed theme, an influencer specialized designer in the art of table decoration will participate at the same time as the 6 finalists
•    Maître d’hôtel - Sommelier, champagne service and wine pairing with dishes
•    Bread, Tasting and Pairing with a dish
•    Creation, Saint-Jacques flambé with the scent of winter, flambé and served at the pedestal table
•    New trend, the Coffee served with an Irish coffee, preparation and service of a filter coffee, realization of an innovative Irish Coffee.

Chaired by Jean-François Mesplède - Former Director of the Michelin Guide. The jury will be composed of more than 20 professionals, all recognized by the profession, including Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF).
In a unique atmosphere, you are invited to appreciate the expertise of the Maîtres d’hôtel. names of the profession with the objective of winning the Trophy Maître d'hôtel 2019.


  • Thierry VILLOTE
  • Céline de LABROUSSE
  • Stéphane GUENAUD
  • Paul-Ambroise SAUNIER
  • Sophie PERRAULT
  • Didier BUREAU
  • Jean Luc JAMROZIK
  • Hélène CLEMENT
  • Nicolas FAURE
  • Philippe BOURGUIGNON
  • Simon PESKINE
  • Pierre SIUE
  • Thierry Di TULLIO
  • Laurent DEHRE
  • Esteban VALLE
  • Sébastien LEROY
  • Matthieu CHAUSSERON
  • Sébastien RIVAL
  • Régis GRAND
  • Frédéric LALOS
  • Thomas FEFIN
  • Sophie PERRAULT
  • Valérie Le GUERN - GILBERT

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