Gargantua, by Restau’Co

  • 29 January : 13h00 > 18h00
Cuisines en ScèneHall 2.2
Remise des prix : 26 January - 19h00
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Results 2019


Jacky Hemon

Lucas Gartiser

Bruno Deshaies


Kitchen Help Prize:
1. Meriem Bouchelagem
2. Suzana Da Costa
3. Adil Tijani Idriss


Launched in 1989 by the interprofessional network Restau’Co, the Gargantua competition rewards better cook of mass catering in direct management of France.
The Gargantua is intended to value cook's job(business) of mass catering and to encourage the practices of excellence with heads chef of institutional catering.
Sponsored by the Best Worker of France 2004, Marc Foucher, the competition became the reference of the profession.
The competition known for these excellent criteria leans from now on on the initiative of My Responsible Restaurant launched by Restau’Co in 2017 by including a more responsible dimension in competition.

Selection criteria highlight the skills required for the exercise of this job often underestimated, worth knowing :
- The creativity (through recipes and training of dishes)
- The control of techniques appropriate to the mass catering
- The management of budgets
- The application of best hygiene practice and of safety specific to the sector

The more and more complex preparations testify of an in-depth evolution of the practices of the sector and the passion which livens up the professionals.

Today, It is considered as a privileged time of visibility with the peers and with the general public.

dEgustation Jury

  • Marc Foucher, MOF 2004, parrain du concours
  • Emmanuel Lorieux, Chef international Nestlé
  • Alain Chartier, MOF 2000, Champion du monde des desserts glacé 2003
  • Jérome Latour, Lauréat Gargantua 2017
  • Cyril Gaidella, Champion de france des dessert 2017
  • Danièle Colin, Diététicienne de l'AFDN et du CENA
  • Anne-Laure Ferant, Responsable des équipes conception et R&D de Davigel
  • Franck Bergé, directeur fondateur de Cuisson Expertise

TechniCAL Jury

  • Mme Derbez - Lycée de la Matheysine La mure        
  • M. Mazzili - Lycée Pierre du Terrail Pontcharra   
  • M. Mpo - ENILV   Le pont de Claix                      


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