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  • 27 January : 09h00 > 12h30
Cuisines en ScèneHall 2.2
Remise des prix : 27 January - 13h30
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Results 2019


Fuko Honda

Quentin Renier

Vincent Philippe


Finally having earned the title of artisan since 2015, the cheese- attracts more and more of passionate people. Young apprentices, adults in reconversion… they all want to join this profession who cares about defending the national emblem that cheese represents.

For its 11th edition, the Coupe de France des Fromagers 2019 organized by the Union des Fromagers d’Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. During 6 events, 16 candidates will show their know-how.
Here’s a glance at the program: a written test, a blind-tasting of 5 cheeses, an artistic cheeseplate, an against-the-clock cutting event and, as novelty, an oral presentation and tasting of an own-selected cheese.

At the end of this morning, 3 prizes will be awarded: the title of Champion de France for the overall events, the Trophée Philippe Olivier for the best average in the first 2 events, and the Rabelais des Jeunes Talents for the 3 best under-26 cheese-mongers.


  • GUIBERT    Romain -Fromagerie GUIBERT
  • GABORIT    Laétitia - MOF fromager
  • BOUCHAIT Dominique - Fromagerie MONT ROYAL - MOF Fromager
  • BOISSY Etienne    MOF - Fromager
  • VIOLLET    Nicolas    SCAPA
  • ROBINEAUX - Arnaud    MIFROMAS France
  • DELANGE    Bernadette - Fromagerie ST.MICHEL
  • REGEND    Emmanuelle - Fromagerie KEROUZINE
  • GAY    Pierre - Fromagerie P.GAY - MOF Fromager
  • POLESE Annick -    Fromagerie L'ART DES CHOIX
  • ROBIN François - MOF Fromager
  •  Hubert THUET
  •  Thierry FOURNIER

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