The Golden Shell Contest

  • 30 January : 09h00 > 11h30
Cuisines en ScèneHall 2.2
Remise des prix : 30 January - 11h30
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Results 2019


Thibert Rival

James Leduc

Christian Perea


Organised by Lyon Poissonnier-Ecailler, the Golden Shell contest shine the light on the professionals working in the seafood sector who will present their very best seafood platters and creations composed of fresh fish.

12 finalists will pit their skills against one another during 3 hours in front of a jury composed of professionals of the trade.

Presided by Alain Merle with Jean-Pierre Rousseau and Gaston Moreau – Presidents of honour – the jury will be composed of professionals including holders of the Meilleur Ouvriers de France distinction.

The participants will need to draw on all their know-how and knowledge to complete 3 tests:

A speed and skill test.

A questionnaire on their trade, before moving on to the Platter test.

The presentation test will seek to highlight the participants’ creativity as they will be required to prepare a seafood platter to serve 4 persons in an artistic fashion, live facing the audience.



  • Christophe Tassol
  • Alexandre Chazal
  • Thibert Rival
  • Gregorie Martinoti
  • Perea Christian
  • James Leduc
  • Lenoir Mikael
  • Rod Laurent
  • Lucas Montavani
  • Sonia Bichet
  • Clement Marandon
  • Nicolas Bouvier

Jury :

  • Alain Merle
  • Gaston Moreau
  • Etienne charrier / MOF
  • Arnaud VANHAMME / MOF
  • David GOMES / MOF
  • Olivier Chaput / CHEF
  • Deux Chefs Etrangers
  • Eric Ticana
  • Emmanuel Chevalier / Designer
  • Cyril Zeigler / Photographe culinaire
  • Fabrice Gass / Iodée Magasine
  • Frode Selvaag
  • Eric Brujan

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