Joust of Masse Trophy

  • 26 January : 09h00 > 13h00
Cuisines en ScèneHall 2.2
Remise des prix : 26 January - 12h30
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Results 2019


Alexandre Donnay
Pierre Teyant

Grand Prix

Arthur Menhaem
Florian Choquet

Meilleure assiette chaude

Kévin Pernette
Gilles Leninger

Duo le plus complice

Trophée Masse event on the SIRHA:
Culinary battle between the Trophée Masse nominees, second edition

Thanks to the first edition’s success during the SIRHA 2017, this battle comes back with a unique concept: these former nominees will be judge by chefs’ wives.
The Maison Masse created the foie gras contest, nearly 30 years ago. The 15th edition gathered 105 juries, 92 stars, 12 MOF (blue, white, red collar), and 47 nominees over 7 regional and european selections and 1 great final. The profession appreciates this contest for its serious tone and friendly atmosphere. All these Trophies Masse nominees will enjoy meeting each other again around a convivial challenge.

Supervisied by the Technical Manager: Alain LE COSSEC, MOF, executive chef and director of the Culinary Arts of the Institut Paul Bocuse
Among the candidates, the winner of the 14th edition Gilles Leininger, chef at his own restaurant Le Jardin Secret at La Wantzenau (Alsace) will be pleased to compete again.

This unique event is made for only the nominees of the 15 Masse Trophies.
Friendly time and high level battle, the candidates will compete on a last minute recipe based on the Maison Masse foie gras.
A non conventional event: plates will be score by famous chefs’ wife.


  • Alain LE COSSEC, Institut Paul Bocuse MOF

jury :

  • Ingrid ARNOULT, Les Morainières 2*

  • Cécile LE COSSEC, Institut Paul Bocuse

  • Valérie SALAMON, Le Pirate

  • Sandrine KAUFFER, Julien Binz 1*

  • Sophie LECLOU, Le Clou de Fourchette

  • Corinne VEYSSIERE, Hôtel des Collectionneurs et Sheraton Paris

  • Caroline HUSSON FAIX, Bistrot de Megève

  • Rachelle AZOULAY, L’Ekrin by Laurent Azoulay 1*


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