23 January 2019

Marcel Lesoille : opening oysters is an art

Marcel Lesoille is a fish-scaler master. He exercised his profession in many famous restaurants. He was culinary consultant on seafood product and he was a teacher of tide.

For the public he is the world champion of opening oyesters since 1995. He can open 2 160 oysters hourly that means 36 oysters par minute.

At an early stage, he’s devoted and Paul Bocuse pushed him. After that, he worked in lot of restaurants and plied his job with all the proper rules.

He love take care of his clients from start to finish : buy product, cook sauce and prepare dishes. Furthermore,  he’s careful and he like present his seadfood product and advice his consumers.

His heart cant make up its mind between quality, rapidity and meticulousness.

You can discover his talent Wednesday 30th January on Cuisines en Scène during the Golden Shell and Golden Fish Contest. He will do the show.

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