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09 October 2018

Innovations born in Sirha

Every two years, the Sirha Innovation Awards crown twelve innovative products and objects associated with the Food Service industry.

The Sirha Innovation Awards distinguish 8 innovations in the category Products-Beverages-Ingredients and 4 others in the category Appliances-Equipment-Concepts. The deadline for submitting applications is November 12th, 2018 and the companies retained for participation will defend their products/project in front of a jury with an oral presentation on December 11th 2018.

In 2017, in the category ‘Appliances-Equipment-Concepts’, the juice extractor by Santos, the temperature simulator Tempcontrol by Promeco, the interactive gourmet décors Woow E-Motion by PCB Creation and the Very High Speed oven by Enodis were rewarded. 

Don’t miss January 27th 2019 to discover the new winners on the dedicated space ‘Sirha Innovation Awards 2019’. 

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