Sirha Lyon trade show has been adapted to fit the recommended requirements set forth by the French authorities

Mandatory face masks  

Mandatory wearing of face masks or protective visors for everyone. This will be enforced via systematic checks at the different entrances.  

Hand-sanitizing gel available 

Hand sanitizing gel will be available at strategic points throughout the venue.

Redesigned spaces 

  • Public spaces have been rethought to ensure social distancing can be maintained.e.
  • Specific signage with barrier measures displayed throughout the venue.
  • Latest requirements enforced with respect to the number of visitors, guests, exhibitors etc. 

Digital communication material and payment methods 

  • We strongly encourage the use of digital visitor badges.  
  • We encourage exhibitors to print out their own badges.

Isolation of suspected cases 

A dedicated space will be available to welcome and accompany any individuals suspected of being infected.

Reinforced cleaning 

We have introduced reinforced cleaning schedules, using adapted products throughout the day. 


All catering outlets (restaurants, pop up eateries, foodtrucks, foodcourts…) are maintained. The conditions for producing and selling products are adapted to the latest health requirements. 

On-stall health and safety measures enforced systematically 

  • Mandatory wearing of face masks
  • Systematic disinfection of hands using hand-sanitizing products 
  • Systematic disinfection of all contact surfaces 
  • Use of disposable and compostable containers encouraged for tastings.  

These guidelines are based on the latest recommendations set forth by the French health authorities. They are subject to modification at any time due to the evolving situation. 

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