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27 November 2018

Geo-gastronomy: the chefs’ playground

Take a map of the world for example and give the name of a chef that embodies the gastronomy of a given country. France? Bocuse, Robuchon, Ducasse… United Kingdom? Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver… Italy? Massimo Bottura. Spain? Still Ferran Adrià, even though his restaurant El Bulli closed in 2011…
The most striking example comes from Denmark, where René Redzepi has acquired national and regional fame thanks to his restaurant Noma, elected four times “best restaurant in the world” by the 50 Best. “Chef’s Table”, “Noma in Japan”, “The Mind of a Chef”… René Redzepi has featured in many documentaries and also comments in great detail the development of the Noma experiment throughout the world on the social media (link). His status of standard bearer of Nordic cuisine started with his Manifesto of Nordic new cuisine, co-written with a dozen chefs from the region, while also refreshing locavorism and fruit picking.

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