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Stand 2.1J34
HALL 2.1

Pijnboomdreef 3

Pastry solutions is a young and dynamic Belgian company which started in 2019 by two very passionate and experienced pastry chefs.

​Created out of our own need, we are now going public with this new and innovative product.

Our interiors give you the ability to work quickly, efficiently, and creative to enrich your pastry range.

With our high quality, ready-made interiors (crunchy bottom, biscuit/cake, topping/compote/sauce), you will have the perfect base to start creating wonderful cakes.

​By only working with high-quality ingredients and Belgium chocolate, we deliver you product of the highest quality.

Our know-how and creativity, will save you a lot of time and costs, without compromising on the quality and/or authenticity of your range.

The finishing touch stays from your own hand!


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