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Masse Trophy Final

The greatest professional contest on the theme of foie gras, approved supported by chefs, has existed for more than 35 years. The "contest for creators of emotions" reveals new talents and creates delicious stories. It is the witness of the evolution in tastes and culinary trends over time.
The contest includes 5 regional selecting events, and now turns international with the introduction of two events outside France: Mediterranean and Swiss. The finale of the 15th edition, in which the 6 regional winners will be competing, will take place on Monday 27 September 2021 as part of the SIRHA Masters.
The 14th edition had concerned 47 participants who were judged by 105 chefs on the juries, for a total of 92 stars and 12 Meilleur Ouvrier de France distinctions.
A 4-star presidency for the 15th Trophy Masse final with Nicolas Stamm and Patrick Henriroux.

The subject of the final will be decided in two stages:

  • Plate theme: Foie gras cutlet, necessarily poached cooking, served with a broth. Free accompaniment. Plates chosen from Ariane and Dudson from Chomette.
  • Tray theme: 2 whole lobes of duck foie gras containing smoked duck breast. Free cooking. Accompanied by 2 free trimmings respecting the chosen season and theme. Nestlé Chef juices, sauces or coulis, served separately in a Chomette carafe.

Who will succeed the two Alsatian holders of the last 2 Trophies, David Mehr in 2016 and Gilles Leininger in 2018?

The candidates

  • Ben Hammadi Mohamed of the Royal Mansour in Marrakech   Donnay Alexandre from the Sur Mesure 2* restaurant located in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris, France
  • Moisiere Margaux of the restaurant L'O des vignes 1* located in Fuissé
  • Schaffhauser Julien from Alchémille 1* restaurant based in Kaysersberg, France
  • Trumeau Elie from Bayview 1* restaurant - President Wilson located in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Vacant Guillaume from Bon Bétend restaurant based in Saint-Barthélémy-d'Anjou, France

Results :

The Masse Trophy was won by Elie Trumeau, the podium was completed with Julien Schaffhauser in 2nd place and Margaux Moisière in 3rd place.

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