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Maître d'Hôtel Trophy

The Maître d’hôtel is a precursor and is expected to offer an insight into the future trends and innovations. This Trophy is a human adventure for passionate professionals, an encounter between different trades and players that complement each other. Since the first edition, more than 200 participants, from a variety of backgrounds, have taken part in the contest.
For this third edition organised by the Association “Service à la Française”, 6 finalists will compete in a series of tests in the form of workshops: Art of service, Tableware & decoration, Art of cocktail, Wine-Food pairing.
Sponsored by Serge Schaal's, a real ambassador for his trade, and owner and manager of the two-star restaurant "La Fourchette des Ducs". This latest edition illustrates the international scope, the dynamism and enthusiasm and continued appeal.

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