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03 January 2019

Café Show: Five contests, one premiere!

With SCA, organiser of the annual French café championships, Sirha has sculpted the space Cafe Show for this edition to demonstrate, as usual, the skills of the barista and the importance of the quality of coffee, "from the plant to the cup" in a playful and spectacular way. And for the first time, Sirha hosts the five championships that support this goal. The five champions will defend France at the World Championships in different specialties in Boston, US, and Berlin, Germany, in April and June 2019.

26 - 27 JANUARY

  • The French Brewer’s Cup will introduce the craft of hand-brewed coffee through two events: the roasting of beans chosen by the contestants and an open event involving beverage making
  • The French Cup Tasting Championship will evaluate the speed and skill of the participants through a test to recognize the same two coffees among three identical cups. 


  • The French Barista Championship  which presents an award for the best coffee sommelier, will highlight the excellence of the profession through a unique "signature drink" event. 
  • The French Championship of Latte Art which reveals the best artists when it comes to creating motifs and images on milk froth, will reward the most original and artistic creation after a compulsory event and an open event.


  • The Coffee in Good Spirits, which is the art of associating coffee with spirits, will allow participants to unveil their barista and mixology skills to create one hot and one cold recipe. 
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