The trade show
20 December 2018

6e Sens: a tangible taste of transient trends

SIRHA 2019 will feature three restaurant concepts within its 6e Sens space, giving visitors an immersive experience of the seven trends identified  Food Service Vision.

The "Ressources" concept will put the spotlight on the locavore movement and traceability, the "Poésie" concept will focus on well-being in and around food, while the "Bol d’Air" concept will explore the link between globalisation and food.

6e Sens will also highlight new developments in tableware and dining room design, namely through the new ranges from Revol, Raynaud or creations by the Feelings brand.

Remember to book your tickets, available from 10 January 2019, and enjoy one of the experiences offered by 6e Sens for 42 euros per person.

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