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Created in 2001, Vitafrais has become for years the major actor in the distribution of organic fresh and frozen food to the retail market. In 2008, Vitafrais made a new step in initiating the development, the creation, and the distribution of innovative and qualitative organic products, grounded and supported by its Range of Private labels. Since 2011, Vitafrais has kept on increasing its activity towards the catering market in offering a complete range of organic products (including ambiant products, fresh and frozen products). Focusing on this dynamic research of innovative and practical products, Vitafrais has now launched the very 1st organic full cream (30% fat), packed in a 1L UHT brick, and dedicated to the catering.


Export countries

Belgium, Portugal, Spain



Produits issus de l'Agricultrue Biologique Frais, sec et surgelé 100 % bio.


New products

A Liquid organic full cream in a 1L UHT brick, of French origin : The UHT liquid full cream is used in a wide range of recipes. The professionals already get a large choice of liquid full creams, but none organic. Today is the day. It is the ideal product for either cold or hot preparations. Innovative, it has been developed by Vitafrais the specialist of the organic distribution, who markets it under his private “LAIT PLAISIRS, Crémiers” brand. The main advantages of this multi use product are : . A good stability at high temperatures, even during long cookings, such as cheese-topped recipes. . An efficient use when whipped for cream desserts. . A Good resistance even in contact of acid ingredients or alcohol, hot or cold. . It can support a long lasting bain-marie, during a complete service, and can be reduced easily and fast: an express liaison for the “minute sauces”. . An excellent preservation I the fridge, without any exsudat for 24 hours. . An excellent stability at cooking. Product cateory : Products First market : Food service Secondary Target Market : Mass catering Experts' path : Organic Type of launch : European premiere Participates in the great innovation award Sirha : No Contribution of the product to the market :

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