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Sirha 2013"Avant-garde, multi-specialist, global, welcoming, with extensive media coverage, and a great way to generate business… Sirha is THE unmissable event for professionals in the global food service and hospitality industry: their favourite event at which to test out their new products first!

Covering gastronomy, fast food and catering, food trades, baking and many more, Sirha is the only exhibition in the world that brings together all sides of the food service industry.

To participate in Sirha is to capture the latest trends, seize upon the latest changes in your market, discover the fruits of the most ground-breaking research, and effectively adapt your offering in response, earning a distinct advantage over the competition. It is also a chance to soak up a unique atmosphere built on conviviality, friendly exchanges, demonstrations and the sharing of innovation. Most importantly it is an opportunity to capitalise on this unique setting to promote your company to decision-makers, users and specifiers, and to win over new clients.

Sirha provides you with the keys to success! The team and myself look forward to welcoming you to the Sirha Exhibition in Lyon, from 26 to 30 January 2013."

Sirha 2013 - Marie-Odile Fondeur




Marie-Odile Fondeur
Managing Director of Sirha



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Sirha 2013

"For more than twenty years, Sirha and its competitions have built a global network of excellence that unites the leading figures in food services and trades, and hospitality. As the new Exhibition President, I am now a part of this big and beautiful family, and I am committed to making Sirha shine yet more brightly on the international stage.

To my mind, Sirha is a unique opportunity: it is the only event where professionals can identify the leading trends in their market and find the solutions they need to implement them. With its exceptional competitions, it is also the only professional event capable of bringing together so much talent from global gastronomy and pastry-making. It is at these spectacular shows that excellence, creativity and daring are showcased at their very finest.

It is therefore my great and heartfelt pleasure to invite you to take part in the next Sirha exhibition."


Sirha 2013 - Jerome BocuseJérôme Bocuse
President of Sirha

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