Place des Vins

The most prestigious vineyards from Rhin to Rhône take centre stage in the Rhône-Alpes region

Sirha 2013 - Place des Vins



Place des Vins is building on the success of its inaugural show to become the benchmark exhibition in the Rhône-Alpes region and eastern France. In 2013, Place des Vins will once again be at the heart of Sirha at Eurexpo Lyon.

Created in 2011 in partnership with Inter Beaujolais and Inter Rhône (inter-professional federations), Place des Vins gives professionals the opportunity to meet little-known and more illustrious winemakers, cooperatives and wineries from: Alsace, Beaujolais, Bugey, Burgundy, Diois, Forez, Jura, Lyonnais, Rhone valley, Roannais and Savoie.

Place des Vins is a great opportunity to taste wine, exchange information, meet key players and do business.

This exhibition represents an ideal complement to Sirha for visitors and wine & food service professionals.

In 2013, Place des Vins will be welcoming an exceptional guest: South Africa. During the 5-day exhibition, visitors will be able to discover a country that has been making wine for hundreds of years and that has extremely varied terroirs.


Place des Vins, an animation place !

A relaxing place, to discover in a convivial ambiance, the AOP, present at the trade show, placing emphasis on the harmony  between wine and dishes.

A space designed  to facilitate the professional visitors route: classification of names by regions, colors and prices, with a  notebook to let you record your favourite wines.

Wine at the heart of restoration strategies : panorama of the consumption tendencies, advice to increase wine sales...

This contest rewards, through the best agreement put and wine, the culinary talents of a wine grower coached by a chef.




Sirha 2013 - Place des Vins



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