The contests

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The leading competitions

Sirha 2013 - International Catering Cup   Sirha 2013 - Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie   Sirha 2013 - Bocuse d'Or

International Catering Cup

26th January from 10am to 5pm


Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

27th & 28th January from 9am to 6pm


Bocuse d'Or

29th & 30th January from 9am to 6pmh


The contest areas

Espace des Chefs

Sirha 2013 - Espace des Chefs

An exceptional contest area of more than 8000 m where the finals of the International Catering Cup, Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie and Bocuse d’Or will take place during 5 days.


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Cuisines en Scène

Sirha 2013 - Cuisines en Scène

National and international culinary competitions, culinary demonstrations, everything is combined to make this place a living and attractive showcase of the for foodservice.


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La Fabrique - Bread & Pastry Creations

Sirha 2013 - La Fabrique - Pains & Pâtisseries Créations

Born from the merger between the “Labo des Pâtissiers” and “Tendances Pain”, this area will be the place where bakery and pastry making competitions will be held.


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Café Show

Sirha 2013 - Café Show

The SCAE presents four national competitions to create the event in Café Show... and also workshops and teaching activities to foster vocations!


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