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Lyon Public Transport - TCL

Sirha 2013 - TCL

Sirha 2013 - TCL




The Lyon Public Transport (TCL) network comprises 4 metro lines, 4 tramway lines, 2 funicular lines and over 130 bus lines. A single ticket enables you to go from metro to bus, tram or funicular as many times as you like during one hour.


Book your restaurant with La Fourchette

Sirha 2013 - La Fourchette





Book your restaurant in Lyon thanks to La Fourchette in partnership with the Sirha. Look for the ideal spot, per date, location, price or cooking style, and book in a few clicks for you, your teams or your customers!


Visitors seeking for a restaurant in Lyon can also go to the Village des Métiers de Bouche in the Hall 2.2 where they can meet restaurant owners who have some places available in Lyon and around.


Lyon Is A Tasteful City

Sirha 2013 - Lyon A Du Goût

Information and registration:



Tel: +33 478 176 337


Shop windows contest

From 23rd to 30th January, take part in the shop windows contest organised by 30 pairs of retailers and food professionals! You will get the opportunity to vote for your favourite shop window on the Facebook page "Lyon a du Goût" and win surprise gifts!


Photo contest

Wherever you are in the world, take part in the Sirha photo contest! From 21st January to 4th February 2013, post on the Facebook page "Lyon a du Goût", the photo that, in your mind, illustrates best the idea of taste. Create the buzz ! The most "liked" photo will be awarded an unforgettable gastronomic meal and plenty of other gifts.


Le Grand Tour de Lyon

Sirha 2013 - Le Grand Tour de Lyon

Information and registration:

Premium reception in the main entrance




A one hour and a half special free city tour is set up from 26th to 29th January with the double deck Bus Lyon Grand Tour. You will be driven through the most beautiful and typical places of Lyon! The bus will be easy to recognize: he will be dressed in "Lyon a du Goût" colors.


Saturday 26th / Sunday 27th January

  • Start 19.30 Grange Blanche Subway
  • Start 20.00 Bellecour Square, at the corner of the Victor Hugo street
  • Finish 21.15 Bellecour Square

Monday 28th / Tuesday 29th January

  • Start 11.00 Bellecour Square, at the corner of the Victor Hugo street
  • Finish 12.30 Bellecour Square


  • Start 14.00 Grange Blanche Subway
  • Start 14.30 Bellecour Square, at the corner of the Victor Hugo street
  • Finish 15.45 Bellecour Square


  • Start 16.00 Grange Blanche Subway
  • Start 16.30 Bellecour Square, at the corner of the Victor Hugo street
  • Finish 16.45 Bellecour Square


  • Start 19.30 Grange Blanche Subway
  • Finish 21.15 Bellecour Square


Compulsory registration.


Lyon Tourism Office


Sirha 2013 - Only Lyon

Learn more about Lyon, the areas, the restaurants, the activities, the history, the parties, the museums and a lot more with the Lyon Tourism Office!





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