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Sirha 2013 - Wine Bar

Wine Bar, alliance of wine and gastronomy, brand new idea for 2013!


For the first time, Sirha and Place des Vins trade shows propose an ephemeral Wine Bar.


Logical link between food and wine universes, Wine Bar 2013 invites you to discover the vineyards that are present at Place des Vins trade show in a unique atmosphere (paid service).


For this first edition 2013, Sirha teams in partnership with Paul Bocuse Institute and the inter-professional federations which established Place des Vins present you an original concept:

  • a privileged place for tasting a great variety of wines, opened to every visitors (under age are non-authorized)
  • an original offer of wines: the wine tasting list is a selection of vineyards present at Place des Vins trade show. For a creative tasting it is served with finger food cooked especially for this selection
  • an ideal tool to discover a large variety of wines and to test food and wine matching


The Wine Bar is co-directed by:

Sirha 2013 - Institut Paul Bocuse



Sirha 2013 - Castalie  Sirha 2013 - Eurocave Professional  Sirha 2013 - 103 Sirha 2013 - Valentin
Sirha 2013 - Tritan / Schott Zwiesel Sirha 2013 - Bourgeois Sirha 2013 - Ets Philippe  

This area is arranged by:

Sirha 2013 - Chic



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