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Sirha 2013 - Sixième Sens

Live tableware!


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After a successful first edition in 2011, Sixième Sens, Collections Scènes de Tables is renewed to place tableware at center stage.


In association with Institut Paul Bocuse, Sirha gives the opportunity to its students to imagine, realise and manage “trends” restaurant concept in order to highlight tableware.

Sirha 2013 - Institut Paul Bocuse Innovation


Four restaurants, four experiences

The four restaurants of Sixième Sens, Collections Scènes de Tables are real and authentic restaurants, their menus are conceived and prepared by the students of the Institut Paul Bocuse and one of their Chefs.


Sirha 2013 - First Class Culinairy

Culinair’y – First Class Dining

This restaurant brings the theme of travel in the plate through the first-class cuisine. On the menu of this gastronomic journey to Oslo: a mixture of slowFood and haute cuisine!


In partnership with

Sirha 2013 - Haviland

Sirha 2013 - Felix

 Sirha 2013 - Royale de Champagne


Sirha 2013 - Cheese Me


Cheese Me - Urban Eatery

In this conceptual restaurant, the star is the cheese. It is revisited through various taste combinations, all unique and original. The perfect recipe to enjoy a moment of pleasure and conviviality.


In partnership with

Sirha 2013 - Mealplak

Sirha 2013 - Eternum

Sirha 2013 - Schott Zwiesel


Sirha 2013 - Option Tradition


Option Tradition – The Locavore

Option Tradition, puts the product at the center of attention. This neo-bistro highlights farmers and locavores products of exceptional quality. Come in the purpose to know better what is in your plate!


In partnership with

Sirha 2013 - Revol

 Sirha 2013 - Guy Degrenne  

Sirha 2013 - In-Fusion


In-Fusion – Culinary Hydrotherapy

The menu of this restaurant is based on the benefits of water during a meal and a personalized therapy according to the precepts of the Ayurvedic science, in a zen and soothing atmosphere.


In partnership with

Sirha 2013 - Sylvie Coquet

Sirha 2013 - Perceval

Sirha 2013 - Schott Zwiesel


And to welcome you on Sixième Sens...

To begin this experience, in a bright and contemporary atmosphere, the reception area iD Bar offers amazing stimulation your 5 senses. In partnership with Lab Store, iD Bar invites you to enjoy some cocktails and mocktails "cloud", a culinary innovation that imagines a new way to enjoy an aperitif with vaporous drinks...


Sixième Sens, Collections Scènes de Tables, the concept

Sirha 2013 - Sixième Sens

Sixième Sens, Collections Scènes de Tables is therefore both an exceptional showcase for tableware and at the same time a real restaurant, a place of exchange, conviviality and creativity. During the 2011 edition, the kitchen installed in the back office has served 1,000 clients during 5 days, with only 32 seats in the whole restaurant. Sixième Sens will be the place to be from 26th to 30th January 2013.



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