At Sirha you are at the heart of the worldwide Food Service market

All types of catering are represented, all the players attend the event, your clients, your prospects etc. Once every two years, in January at Lyon, the world Food Service gets together at a single venue! Don’t miss 5 days dedicated to your business and sector, be part of Sirha 2017!

A unique opportunity to

  • Position yourself at the heart of the Food Service market
  • Benefit from exceptional access to professionals and the media.
  • Bring your sourcing ideas and solutions to professionals: chefs, purchasers, distributors…
  • Promote your ability to innovate and stand out in today’s market
  • Develop your sales in France and internationally
  • Take advantage of the energy of a unique event, creative and generator of contents that make a real difference to visitors.

At Sirha, you’re at the heart of the market, your market!

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26 - 30 January 2019 / Eurexpo - Lyon