Because The digital revolution affects all aspects of the Food Service sector, Sirha launch the first edition of the Start-up Village.

The Start-up village:

  • 13 exhibitors – 14 projects
  • More than 90% feature an innovation to do with digital
  • Next to the Food Studio, Innovation and New Professionals Space in the “Place des Lumières
  • With the support of CIC

save your date for Tuesday 24, January, from 9am to 6pm, Stand LUM01 Place des Lumières, on the Sirha TV within Food Studio for a Pitch contest. A live event in which entrepreneurs take to the stage to present their projects in front of an audience of keen and committed professionals.

Discover 14 projects


Tool dedicated to managing orders and posting purchases.

1st multi-lingual training programme in French Bakery dedicated to international professionals in the food service and catering sectors.

Multichannel social network connecting the branches offering quality and terroir food products with the consumers who can then find these locally.

GUESTONLINE (tableonline)
Innovative digital reservation book especially designed together with, and for restaurateurs. The app is available for iPad, smartphone, PC/Mac, and is used by both prestigious establishments (Maison Bras, Tour d'Argent, Py'R...) and local restaurants.

Provides support for restaurants to help them with their digital transformation thanks to an exhaustive solution that includes: connected certified till management software, white-label module for online orders, website and mobile app, point-of-sale terminal.

An app offering free visibility for restaurateurs on their lunch service for their current clients and potential clients around them.

The anti-waste app that connects in real-time local shops with users in the neighbourhood in order to sell their excess stock in time thanks to promotions and flash deals.

RAPIDORESTO (Insitaction)
Clients reserve, order and pay directly via the application. They then head to the restaurant where they are guided by the app all the way to their table where their order is ready for them to enjoy!

"RHSUITE.COM", the software solution that revolutionizes Human Resource management for hotels, restaurants, caterers and organisers of events, in the sectors of outdoor hotel and theme parks: work contracts prepared online – automatic processing of administrative requirements – digital collaborative scheduling – time management and payroll. Multi-site, Intuitive, with no training required."

Creates innovative products boasting revolutionary properties to reduce food wastage in the commercial restaurant sector and to boost the development of take-away sales.

An app that displays certified translations of restaurant menus in the language of your choice to help foreign clients.

Technological platform that connects users, restaurants and couriers. Delivery in under 30 minutes, with more than 700 partner restaurants in central Paris and 20 municipalities around Paris.

Project 1: VITE FAIT BIENFAIT®: SMARTPHONE APP DEDICATED TO CATERING IN ONCOLOGY DEPARTMENTS An app dedicated to mass catering in oncology departments designed to help catering teams and dieticians prepare food taking into account the patients’ side effects.

Project 2: FLAVOURED ANTI-OXIDANT ELIXIRS TO ENHANCE FOOD TENDERNESS USING VACUUM IMPREGNATION JMT CREATION has studied the protective properties of functional oils and syrups based on plants to improve the tenderness and aromatic value of different ranges of foods.


26 - 30 January 2019 / Eurexpo - Lyon