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Marianus von Hörsten : 23 years old, Winner of The Global Young Chef Challenge

Work place: In creation of his own company

How did you prepare yourself for the contest?

«I trained every week two days with my assistant Jan Semmelhack and Trainer Tobias Laabs. We start with training in end of November 2016.»

What was the most difficult thing for you during the contest?

«The whole competition was very difficult because we have only 3h for a 3 course menue for 6 person.
But we got a perfect day and everything was fine until the end of the competition.»

How did you live your victory?

«At first we was on dinner with my family, later we was on a party and on the next day I was in the university on a exam...
Not the usual way to enjoy a victory»

What are you planning next?

«I will set up a company, With two friends of mine. We will organized pop up restaurants in Berlin and Hamburg.
The first date is save and we start now with advertising in social media etc. So my dream come true ! I will be my own Boss.»

3 words to describe your adventure in Sirha 2017?

«Incredible, unbelievable and important!»

26 - 30 January 2019 / Eurexpo - Lyon

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