Sirha is a reference worldwide for new products, services and innovations in the Food Service sector. Hundreds of new products are launched at each edition of the event and 86 % are available on the market a year later.

Take advantage of Sirha’s strong media impact to launch your new ranges and introduce them to the press and professionals.

A full range of services, simple and fast to implement is available to help you!


Press Innovation Book - Free!

This exhaustive and practical document (more than 600 new products and services in 2015) is prepared specifically for the press. It presents the complete list of innovations introduced by the exhibitors and featured in their business profile on the website

As soon as you create your exhibitor profile, you become highly visible!

The Innovation Book is structured per activity and per target market. This makes it easy for the media to find the new products and services that are relevant to their specific market and to promote these with their readers ahead of the trade exhibition.

Anticipate your media visibility by ensuring that your innovations feature in the very first issue.

  • Deadline 1st issue: November 10th, 2016
  • Deadline 2nd issue: January 5th, 2017.


Sirha Innovation Awards - Free!

Recognition of your R&D skills by the entire profession!

The Sirha Innovation Grands Prix contest is a springboard on a national and international level for your new products, equipment and innovative services. The Innovation Trophies receive great media coverage and ensure exceptional visibility for participants before and during the event, and for the winners after the show.

To enter the contest, complete your company profile under your MySirha section at and fill in the online application form.


The Innovations Package - Order here!

The Innovations Package is a practical tool that guarantees multi-channel visibility for all your new products and services!

More and more visitors seek to optimize the time they spend at the venue. To this effect they need to quickly identify the exhibitors they don’t want to miss. Take advantage of this package to increase footfall to your stand.

The Innovations Package guarantees optimum visibility:

  • Upstream, during and after the trade exhibition on the website thanks to the New Products web gallery.
  • During the event, your products, equipment or services are highlighted in the New Products section set up at the heart of Sirha. As soon as they arrive at the venue, the visitors can select the most innovative products or equipment and add your stand to their list of stands to visit!

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