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The Golden Shell

22 January
14h - 17h
Award date
22 January - 17h00
Hall 2.2

The Golden Shell Contest

Christophe Tassol

Christian Bouvier

Morgan Bonnard


Contest of the Emperor

Muriel Caron

Louis De Dompsure

Laurence Naulin



Created 25 years ago, the Golden Shell contest is once again host on Sirha 2017. 20 candidates will compete in a speed contest with 120 oysters from 3 different pond to open quickly and cleanly. At the end of this trial, the judges will identify 12 finalists who will compete for 2 hours in front of a jury of professionals including Best Craftsman of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). Program: Opening oyster, execution and presentation of a seafood platter for 4 people, facing the audience. The federation also wants to highlight the fishmonger business, thanks to second edition of the contest of the Emperor. 8 finalists who have two hours to prepare fish, lay out his fillets on a bed of ice (decorations provided). A flagship product will be put forward for the occasion. This event chaired by Etienne Chavirer, Best Craftsman of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) 2007, demand precision and a perfect set, close to the art of painting of the great masters.












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