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Global Young Chef Challenge Finals

25 January
Hall 2.2

Contest results

  • Germany

    Marianus Von Hörsten

  • Sweden

    Eric Seger

  • Singapore

    Lynette Tay

For the first time Lyon Sirha Fair will host the Global Young Chefs Challenge Finals.

After 2 years of intense competition around the world, 7 semi-finals putting against each other the skills of 21 young chefs from 21 countries, the Global Young Chef Challenge Final will be taking place during Sirha Lyon 2017 on the 25th of January 2017. This competition will see the 8 finalists battling for the Hans Bueschkens Trophy including the host country representative from France. The competitors will have to prepare and present a 3 course menu of 6 servings in the required timeframe – 3 hours.

Meet the competitors


Christopher Malone

Age: 20

Position: Sous Chef, Clarkes of North Beach, Perth Western Australia

What is your culinary philosophy?
My philosophy is to keep things fresh; produce, technique, pretty much everything. I like to select a couple ingredients and incorporate them as many ways as I can throughout the dish, keeping things light, elegant and balanced. It should taste as good as it looks.

What does the Global Young Chef Challenge mean to you, as a chef?
The Global Young Chef competition is amazing, it allows us as chefs to challenge ourselves at the highest level of competing. To me it means everything, to be able to not only represent my country but the Pacific Rim region is an incredible honor. I look forward to going over.



Tay Sock Hui Payuda Lynnette

Age: 24

Position: Chef De Partie, Marina Mandarin Singapore, Singapore

What is your culinary philosophy?
Food is life; it is a momentum of souls traveling through time, it is history, it is present and it is future. It allows you to be yourself - we eat to memorize.

What does the Global Young Chef Challenge mean to you, as a chef?
Global Young Chef Challenge is an ultimate competition where all the best of the worl come and present out their dishes to exchange knowledge in cooking skills and introduce new cooking techniques in this modern world.



Karl Marianus von Hörsten

Age: 23

Position: Chef de Partie, Sra Bua by Tim Raue- Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, Germany

What is your culinary philosophy?
Bring the best possible flavor of every own component on the plate!

What does the Global Young Chef Challenge mean to you, as a chef?
Now, I think I get a lot of experience and it is a great opportunity for me and for every other competitor.



Tesia May Campbell

Position: Cook, Houston Country Club, Houston, United States of America

What does the Global Young Chef Challenge mean to you, as a chef?
Having the opportunity to represent the USA in the 2017 Global Young Chef Competition in Lyon is somewhere new where I can show my skill and my love of food.



Rahil Azizbhai Rathod

Age: 24

Position: Demi-Chef de Partie, Radisson Blu Hotel Deira Creek, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What is your culinary philosophy?
Clean flavors, Modern and showing respect to fresh ingredients and culture.

What does the Global Young Chef Challenge mean to you, as a chef?
Global Young Chef Challenge means a big step towards a bright future and I will do my very best to make it very successful.



Ivan Castiglioni

Age: 24

Position: Self-employed, Verona, Italy

What does the Global Young Chef Challenge mean to you, as a chef?
The Global Young Chefs Challenge is for me very important, especially for my personal growth.‬ ‪I think that this competition will create more experience in my job for now and the future.‬.



Eric Seger

Age: 23

Poste: Chef de Partie, Restaurant Proviant, Stockholm, Sweden

What is your culinary philosophy?
I think that the most important detail about food nowadays, apart from great taste is that the healthy aspect for you and for the planet. I like to cook with more vegetables, and especially more and more organic food.

What does the Global Young Chef Challenge mean to you, as a chef?
First of all, it seem like a really fun competition and that means a lot for my experience, becauce to compete in cooking is one of the best things I know. It also means a lot because it´s another great oppertunity to meet great chefs from the rest of the world and learn from them. It will also allow me to show my skills for people.



Michael Tan

Age: 24

Position: Chef de Partie, Hotel Ritz Paris, France

What is your culinary philosophy?
I like respecting the seasons, using products of good quality and cooking sincerily. I always say to my teammates that they should “cook as you would cook for a loved one”.

What does the Global Young Chef Challenge mean to you, as a chef?
It is a great opportunity to discover the culinary philosophy of other countries and to measure my culinary abilities against the other competitors.

Global Young Chef Challenge - The Hans Bueschkens Trophy

The Global Young Chef Challenge was created in 2002 by Worldchefs to promote and groom young chefs in their culinary careers.

Until this edition, it was run simultaneously with the Global Chefs Challenge and the Global Pastry Chefs Challenge, a world-respected competition that involves over 50 national selections, 7 regional semi finals building up to the world finals held at the Worldchefs biennial World Congress.

The Global Chefs Challenge was first held in Kyoto, Japan in 2002 and continued throughout the years: Dublin, Ireland in 2004, Auckland, New Zealand in 2006, Dubai in 2008, Santiago, Chile in 2010, Daejong, Korea in 2012, Stavanger, Norway in 2014 and Thessaloniki, Greece in 2016.


World Chefs


About World Chefs

World Association of Chefs Societies (“Worldchefs”) is a global network of chefs associations founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris, where the venerable Auguste Escoffier was named as first Honorary President. Today, this global body has over 100 official member chefs associations that represent more than 10 millions of professionals worldwide.

Worldchefs’ mission is to maintain and improve the culinary standards of global cuisines. We accomplish these goals through education, training and professional development of our international membership. As an authority and opinion leader on food, Worldchefs represents a global voice on all issues related to the culinary profession.

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carlo-sauberCarlo Sauber
Chef Carlo Sauber hails from Luxembourg and has been working with Worldchefs as part of the Culinary Competition Committee. He specializes in Special Projects – Junior Competitions.  A culinary educator with years of experience who is a natural mentor to young chefs, and inspires motivation. 




frodeFrode Selvaag
Chef Selvaag has received multiple awards from his home country of Norway for his devotion to Norwegian food. Formerly a chef at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, DC , The Culinary Institute of Norway and several restaurants and hotels in Norway, he is now managing his business, Ryfylkekokken, in Norway. He  actively promotes Norwegian Seafood worldwide.



gertGert Klötzke 
Gert Klötzke is a Swedish chef and adjunct professor of gastronomy at Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts . In 2014 he was also appointed Honorary Doctor at Umeå University. Klötzke won the individual competition Chef Championship and the title ‘Chef of the Year’ in 1986. 
Klötzke was for many years involved as a coach for the Swedish Culinary Team. Under his leadership, the team established itself with wins in events such as Salon Culinaire in Switzerland in 1999, Culinary Olympics 2000, Culinary World Cup 2002 and the Culinary Olympics in 2004. Since 2013, he is the  chairman of the Worldchefs Culinary Competition Committee, which is responsible for the rules and the training of referees for all tournaments are organized and/or sanctioned by Worldchefs. 


gilesGilles Renusson
A native of Château du Loir – France Gilles Renusson started his chef apprenticeship at the age of 14, followed a few years later by a pastry apprenticeship in Fauchon.
There, he successfully participated in his first pastry competition.
Forty years later, he continues to be involved with coaching, judging and training pastry judges through his involvement with the Culinary Competition Committee of Worldchefs.
Chef Renusson is a certified French Master Pastry Chef and now teaches at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids Michigan USA, which has been his home for over thirty years.


judeJud Simpson
Judson (Jud) Simpson is Executive Chef at the House of Commons in Canada’s capital. With a verifiable mastery of current management skills, he has been able to build and maintain control of a highly effective and efficient brigade. 
Jud is a certified master chef, the Chairman of the Canadian Culinary Federation, a member of the Worldchefs Culinary Competition Committee and the recipient of an Honorary Bachelor’s degree from Humber College.  His competition experience spans thirty years and includes individual and team competition, mentoring, coaching and currently judging as a Worldchefs A level judge.

ottoOtto Weibel
Otto Weibel was born in Switzerland and left in 1973 to find his path in Asia. He settled in Singapore and worked for 42 years in the Fairmont, Swissotel and Stamford as Director of Kitchens.
Over the years he has won numerous Awards such as the Life Achievement award and the Presidents Medal from Worldchefs, the Life Achievement Award from the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore, the Life Achievement Award from Davos Switzerland and the Best Restaurateur from the International Food & Beverage Forum.
He has also participated as a Team Member and Team Manager in numerous competitions around the world. Over the past 30 years, he has been involved as a judge in many food competitions around the globe. He is a member of the Worldchefs Culinary Competition Committee. In 2012 he started his own Food&Beverage Culinary Consultancy named Ottscott.

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