Because of Vigipirate (French alert security system), acces control at EUREXPO are strengthened.


Every person getting inside the exhibition area must be declared beforehand and obligatorily carried the Build up and Dismantling PASS. It concerns:

  • All your team
  • All your providers who must deliver products to your stand.

Build up and Dismantling PASSES are FREE, with no limits on quantity.

Please contact your customer/exhibitor to obtain the access link to the set-up/dismantling badge.

  • Passes have to be printed and set up visibly behind the windscreen of your vehicle during the whole duration of the valid time.
  • Identity documents may be requested at the entrance.
  • Any vehicle without valid pass will be denied entry into the Exhibition Center.


As a consequence, do not forget to send this link to your providers.


If you have any problem to download, please contact the Exhibitors Service: Tel: +33(0)4 72 22 30 30


Fire safety regulations (.pdf)

Build up and breakdown date and time (.pdf)

Eurexpo general access map (.pdf)

Eurexpo parking access map (.pdf)

Exhibitor safety instructions (.pdf)

Movement build up and breakdown (.pdf)

Decoration and architecture rules (.pdf)

26 - 30 January 2019 / Eurexpo - Lyon