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Let's imagine the best of chocolate. Valrhona is a French chocolatier that has been providing exceptional chocolate since 1922. Created by and for pastry makers, Valrhona has dedicated all its expertise, high standards and passion to culinary professionals, making each taste an exceptional experience. Chosen by the world's most prestigious chefs and craftsmen for its vast range of aromas continually enhanced by innovation, Valrhona's ambition is to broaden people's culinary horizons by offering a variety of unique and recognizable chocolate flavors, in an effort to continuously create more pleasure and excitement. With a constant focus on dialog and ethics, Valrhona relies on long-term collaborative relationships with planters and prestigious chefs, while respecting people and nature. The Valrhona Ecole has been a trend setter for over 25 years, inventing, recording and preserving the knowledge and techniques of the chocolate-making profession. The school’s pastry chefs travel the world, sharing ideas and expertise with other professionals in a permanent quest for mutual enrichment. With the opening in 2013 of the new CitĂ© du Chocolat, Valrhona continues to uphold this commitment, providing a unique and vibrant place where visitors can discover the vast wealth of possibilities offered by chocolate.

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Bakery, pastry-making, confectionery, other food trades

  • Chocolat (poudre, tablettes, couverture)
  • Chocolat pour nappage
  • Bonbons de chocolats

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Our innovations

With INSPIRATION, Valrhona has invented the fruit couverture. For the first time, use fruit like chocolate!

World launch
Launch date 01/10/2017
Participating to the Sirha Innovation Awards in the category: Produits, boissons et ingrédients

Thanks to its chocolate expertise, Valrhona innovates by combining the characteristics of cocoa butter with the flavor and intense color of fruit.

BLOND ORELYS 35%, a sweet new gourmet touch for our Blond line

World launch
Launch date 09/19/2016
Participating to the Sirha Innovation Awards in the category: Produits, boissons et ingrédients

We have combined our confectionery expertise with natural muscovado sugar to create an innovative couverture for the traditional white chocolate segment with an exciting new flavor and color!

Our products

Our offer

- Chocolates and nuts - Service products and professional tools - Chocolate bonbons - Professional services (l'Ecole Valrhona) - Chocolate decorations (Valrhona Signature) - B2C products including chocolate bars, squares and candies

26 - 30 January 2019 / Eurexpo - Lyon