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Coupe de France de la Boulangerie

21 > 23 January
Award date
23 January - 17h00
Hall 4.2

Contest results

  • Normandie

    Valentin Levrard

    Maximilien Tetard

    Damien Dedun

  • Paris - ĂŽle de France

    Jordan Lardeux

    Didier Chaput

    Aurélia Pfeiffer

  • RhĂ´ne-Alpes Auvergne

    Aurélien Mingot

    Amandine Ferrand

    Fabrice Popy

Every two years, the “Coupe de France de la Boulangerie” gathers, during three days, the best French bakers at the heart of Sirha. Showcase of the dynamism of the profession, this competition is both the national meeting and the reference for baking professionals in France. The “Coupe de France de la Boulangerie” is aiming at highlighting the diversity of heritage and the bakers’ know-how, privileging excellence and taste.

The 13rd edition of the Coupe de France de la Boulangerie is evolving to offer an even more modern and dynamic vision.

Each of the 12 teams represents one French region and is composed of 3 candidates, one by category: “Bread”, “Danish Pastry”, and “Artistic creation”. A new “Eat-in bakery” is bringing an extra difficulty by illustrating the evolution of the profession.

Careful attention is now given to the creativity of the candidates. After having drawn by lot a basket of ingredients, they will have to create a Danish pastry and a bread.

Moreover, 45 minutes debates on topical bakery issues will be animated by renowned actors of the profession.

Eric KAYSER will be the first patron of this competition!

©Alban Couturier

"As a journeyman baker, then trainer, I travelled around France for 15 years to learn and hone my skills and technique. In a way being the patron of the Coupe de France de Boulangerie is like reliving this initiatory route. It means reaching out to these men and women who are driven by their love for excellent bread".

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Coupe de France de la Boulangerie

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