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Auvergne and Rh么ne-Alpes contest selection of the Best Butcher and Caterer Apprentice of France

24 January
Hall 2.2

Pierre-Jean Liogier (Rh么ne-Alpes)

Derek Diat (Auvergne)

This national competition was created in 1972 to stimulate emulation among young people in professional apprenticeship. This contest takes place every year.

In order to get in the competition applicants must necessarily be: under 21 years old and under an apprenticeship training to be a catering butcher. The title of MAF can be awarded to three winners minimum and five maximum.

This year the candidates will focus on two subjects. The first is the cured pork p芒t茅. A bowl of vegetables seasoned with fresh herbs. The second topic is the cured meat piece consisting of pork galantine with exotic fruits.

21 regions are represented, one candidate Rh么ne-Alpes and one Auvergne candidate will go to the finals which will be held on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at the International Exhibition of Agriculture.










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