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Sirha 2013 - Food Studio

Food Studio by Sirha

In 2013, Food Studio by Sirha gets a facelift! The brand new recipe: Four original concepts, a fresh decoration and an exhibition that mixes fashion and cooking... condensed creativity!


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Sirha 2013 - Sixième Sens

Sixième Sens

After a successful first edition in 2011, the Sixième Sens is renewed to place tableware at center stage!


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Sirha 2013 - Wine Bar

Wine Bar

Wine Bar, alliance of wine and gastronomy, brand new idea for 2013! For the first time, Sirha and Place des Vins trade shows propose an ephemeral Wine Bar.


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Shop of the Future

The Shop of the Future brings together innovative digital businesses and food service professionals. What will tomorrow’s artisans’ and food retailers’ shops look like?


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